Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Being a dad means...

Leading the family in all matters; especially spiritually.

Starting over when your leadership is less than perfect.

Watching your kids become little versions of yourself and being both proud and terrified about it.

Thinking about how much more patience you will have once you're home from work only to have that theory tested within two minutes of being home with them.

Teaching your son to treat females with respect and kindness.

Teaching your daughter to never trust a boy. :)

Understanding again just how amazing your wife is after spending a few hours at home (or Walmart) with your children. 

Taking that wonderful woman for granted because you're selfish.

Understanding what true love is... both giving and receiving it.

Knowing that your actions scream your character to your children, but your words are only a whisper.

Preparing your children for the real world at far too young of an age.

Treating your kid's honesty to you with respect, gentleness and love.... knowing that any overreaction might lead to them being less honest in the future.

Being an example for other dads to follow.

Living intentionally.

Being strong, but not ever being afraid to cry.

Never quitting. Ever.  Not on your marriage, not on  your kids.  Not on your life.

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