Monday, March 23, 2015

Addition by Subtraction (aka Thrift Shop shorts)

I refuse to buy brand new shorts unless they're on a crazy sale at Kohls, we have 30% off and the stars all align.

Im not what you would call a "tightwad".  I'm actually a little too free with my money.  However, shorts are one of those non-negotiables for me.

They're half pants, but not half price.

I've paid less for most of my jeans than I would pay for brand new shorts.  This is why I buy them at a thrift shop.

You don't always get what you pay for in life.  Things are rarely "fair".  Look at Mondays.  After a beautiful day of rest and worship, you go back to work.  Holy Spirit buzz kill.

It is easy to react in the obvious way.

"Its MONDAY! Uuuuuuggggggghh!"

"Its only TUESDAY??? Why is this week taking SOOO long???"

"It is Wednesday?  Feels like it should be Friday! I want to punch that camel in the throat".

"Well, just two more days left of the work week. Then the weekend will fly by and it will be MONDAY again!"

"Friday is finally here! I've put in a good week of work... I can take it easy today".

Whew. Do we hear ourselves?  Pointing at myself while pointing at you (one finger at you, three fingers at myself... and a thumb that sort of ambiguously points toward the ground).

We scold children for whining and complaining? What are we doing? The same thing!

You want life to be better? You can make it happen. We control how we react in every situation.  Paul was imprisoned and yet he found reasons to rejoice.  Christians are being beheaded for believing in Christ.  Feel bad yet? I do.

Make the most of whatever day of the week it is... I won't pay full price for half pants.  I make a choice to do something about it.  Is that too simple of an example?  Probably, but it makes the point that life is filled with simple choices.

Simplify... take the negative out... you've added much more joy to your life. In other words, Addition by subtraction.

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