Thursday, July 18, 2013

START - Day 4

In today's blog post I really want to write about.... hold on.  Son is awake again.

15 minutes later...

As I was saying,  I really want to write about dis... why is the cat running up and down the hallway wanting to play NOW of all times? I hope he doesn't wake him up again....

Anyhow, today my blog is all about does my wrist hurt. Between all of this typing I'm not used to doing and pulling weeds last night my wrist is throbbing.

Breath... Stay calm... and focus.

Today is day four of the START experiment and I'm finding plenty of things that can distract me.  It is taking my focus away from the tasks at hand.  Some of these irritants are always present I believe, but now that I'm doing something more than just watching TV they are now morphing into distractions.

The second cause of distractions are self inflicted, nearly ADD level tendencies to have my attention drawn away by the simplest thing.  Like the dogs in the movie Up I am more or less saying, "Squirrel!"

Beyond that I like to believe I'm truly onto something.  Maybe the reason distractions happen is because I'm finally doing what God wants for my life.  I am starting to feel like I could possibly do something much larger than me.

If that is true I want to view distractions as a worthy, but beatable opponent.  If I can punch fear in the face, I can dance past distraction while its not paying attention.

I will keep going strong.  Maybe the only thing that comes out of these 24 days is me knowing myself better than I did on day one.  If that's all I get out of it I can still be happy.  Anything above and beyond that is just additional blessings that I do not deserve, but would humbly accept.

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