Monday, July 15, 2013

START - Day 1

As Day One of the START Experiment comes to a close I feel closer to my goals than I ever have.

I wrote a couple of chapters in a short story I started years ago.  I never finished it and I'm starting to understand why.  What if I finished and it was terrible and no one liked it?

Now I know the answer to the question.  Maybe the story is not perfect, but neither am I.  Just as God is still working on me, I must keep working at my passion.  I must keep on fighting fear.  I must beat fear like Batman and Robin beat the villains.

Fear just got a Batman styled butt-kickin' today.


Over 2,000 joining together for one purpose. To kill the fear and rise above normal. To stop being ok with being "ok".

I am so proud of everyone doing this. I read the stories and continue to get inspired. I know longer feel jealous of other people's accomplishments. I only want to celebrate them and gain an even greater confidence that I can do it too!

Day two... we're ready for you. Are you ready for us???

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  1. Awesome..looking forward to it. I'll buy chest copy.