Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Relationship Voltron

I am in love with my wife.  Not in a "I'm married to her so of course I love her" kind of way. 

I love her in the "she's my best friend in the entire world" kind of way. 

No one gets me like she does.  She laughs at things others mind find silly and she is one of a handful of people that can truly make me laugh too (Yes, I'm high maintenance). 

They say that the longer a couple is together the more like each other they become.  That is us.  Some might find our humor lame and not get what keeps us going.  I see it as the opposite. We are truly better together.

One thing that has kept us so close and our relationship so strong is that we share another relationship.  A close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Add in God the Father and the Holy Ghost and you have yourself a relationship Voltron.

What is Voltron you ask?  It is a group of space explorers that pilot robot lions who join together to form the giant robot with which they defend their galaxy from evil.

So yeah, we're kind of like that.. in a non-robot lion, saving the galaxy kind of way. 

We are a team though.  When we communicate to each other how we feel and involve Christ in everything we do, we are unstoppable.  We've been married for a few years now (it will be 12 years next month) and we work at our relationship.

Butterflies and lovey dovey feelings are easy to obtain. True love is hard work.  Once a couple realizes that it actually gets easier to manage.

I love you sweetheart. Sorry I compared our relationship and faith in Christ to a giant group of galaxy saving robot lions.


  1. LOL I forgive you ;) I really appreciated the analogy :) I love you too :)

  2. Anonymous7/24/2013

    Hahaha, this is hilarious. But it's so true at the same time. I'm blessed to have a relationship like this with my fiance. One of the biggest ways I know we'll work out (besides our joint Voltron faith in Christ) is because we always enjoy being around each other. There's no one else I could spend all day and all night with and still want to be around. :)