Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random Passing Thoughts, Iss. 15

One of the blog series I used to write was called Random Passing Thoughts.  I really miss writing those.

Speaking of missing things... Many of us missed Hostess and rushed out to buy some. Then we realized that Twinkies  aren't real that good.

Speaking of buying Twinkies.... Not sure why I did. I don't love them to begin with.

Speaking of not being sure... I have no clue where I am going next with this blog post.

Speaking of clue... remember that game?  It is not as great as it was back in the day.

Speaking of not being as good as back in the day... you ever go back and watch old tv shows you used to love, but now after watching them again you're not sure why?

Speaking of old TV
shows that you aren't sure why you ever loved them...  Have you WATCHED Alf recently. Bad.

Speaking of bad... there is a lot of it out there.

Speaking of out there... That's where I'm putting myself so that you know the real me.

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