Tuesday, July 30, 2013

58.10 Rear-view Mirror

Imagine you're driving and you decide it is time to switch lanes.  You look in your side mirror, beside you and then over your shoulder to see if anyone is there.  If not, you turn on your signal and check again.

Then you switch lanes.  It really is that easy.  But sometimes we over look the most important detail of all.  The following words that are printed on your car's side mirror.


If we misjudge how far a vehicle is from ours, we could be putting ourselves in serious danger.  We can do the very same thing my misjudging things in our own lives.
We assume we have all the time in the world, but we forget that things often are outside of our control.  We think we put off important things until later, but later comes sooner rather than... well, you get the point.

If we instead assume that tomorrow is not promised and that nothing lasts forever, our perspective starts to change.

Today is the day to START doing what you've been called to do. Once you know your dream, go for it. Start today and don't look back.

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