Saturday, March 09, 2013

SBBS 1.7 - The Substitute

Season 1, Ep. 7 - The Substitute

Plaid Jacket + mullet = Dreamy!
I probably should have waited to show the picture you see to the left.  Now that you have seen it, you probably will not read this now. He is one fine slice of man cake.

You are thinking, "I never had a substitute like this guy".  I hope you are right. I hope you have never had a substitute who was clearly being ogled by minors in his classroom, who lead his first class by roleplaying Romeo and Juliet and who asked the girls to come sit with him while eating at the Max.

Creepy.  These things happen all the time, but never end well.  If you are the creepy teacher, you either have a cronie of Nancy Grace camping outside your house, or you have someone play you in a Lifetime Original Movie.

At the end this substitute teacher seems shocked that the teenage boys are being upstaged by a man. So, instead of "manning up" and just teaching the girls what "five to seven" means, he played along with the actress the guys hired to be his fiance'. He is smooth.

Professor Dreamy only lasted an episode, but he raised the bar for all of the boys of Bayside High. He also raised the awareness of Principal Belding that hiring without a background check or references is not the best idea.

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