Sunday, March 10, 2013

58.9 - Back to the original 58

I started a blog "series" entitled "The 58 Degree Perspective" a few years ago.

The blogs help show the different ways we look at life and how sometimes we all just need some perspective.

As weather in Ohio took a turn for the awesome, I thought I would revisit the original concept.

We spent a lot of time this weekend enjoying this beautiful weather.  I breathed the air in deeply and felt a little more alive than I had as of late.  Spring was on its way and we can finally start to thaw.

As the weather turns nice, folks will not appreciate it for long.  The same people who complain about the cold will find all new reasons to complain.

"Yay. Warm weather. That just means bugs are coming back soon".
"This weather change keeps messing with my sinuses. I cannot catch a break".
"Better not get used to it. I'm sure it will get cold again".

Weather has become the bridge over the great conversational divides we have; race, religion, hobbies all are forgotten when the weather is mentioned.  It is only natural to shift to the next available weather topic. However, when we start digging for things to complain about, we have a problem.

Being content does not come natural to us.  I'm not sure if it has always been that way, or if it is a fairly recent societal development. Regardless, we nearly have to force ourselves into accepting the good things happening now without thinking about the impending problems of tomorrow.

Accepting the way things are and embracing our happiness can help us find a new appreciation for our lives and the world that surrounds us.  That's only part of it.

Knowing Jesus.. accepting His work on the cross as a payment for our sins.  That's the next and greatest step of all.  Happiness is circumstantial, joy that comes from Christ is not.

Once you have that joy, it cannot be taken away.  So the "what ifs" of this world become "so whats".  There's nothing this world can do to take away your salvation.  When you have Him in your heart it makes the "good" days better and the "bad" days a future testimony for His goodness to us.

As the weather warms up please take a moment to enjoy it.  Breathe in the fresh air. Take a walk and soak in all of what God created for us.  Live and appreciate your blessings. Everything is temporary. Just like spring, our lives are only just a season. 

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