Saturday, February 23, 2013

SBBS 1.5 - Screech's Woman

Season 1, Ep. 5 - Screech's Woman

You've heard this story: Boy falls in love with girl. Girl turns out to be not real.  Girl is actually a guy. 

Screech got "Catfished".

Though that term wasn't made popular until years after this episode, and technically he never experienced that "gotcha" moment that truly defines the Catfish hoax.

Everything leading up to it, however, is exactly the same.

Screech loves Lisa Turtle. Lisa loves clothes, money, herself and - in this episode - some other guy. There's a scene where Screech runs toward Lisa with open arms.  She seemingly is doing the same thing. However her open arms aren't for Screech.

Zack is teamed up with Screech for a science project. It is going really well, until Screech gets his heart broken in the aforementioned rejection at the MAX.  Zach immediately becomes concerned with his buddy's well being. Not because he cares for him, but because his ticket to a good grade is bumming hard.

He searches high and low for a girl to date Screech. Instead of just giving up, he takes one for the team, Team Morris that is.  He decides to dress like a girl and go out with Screech.

Enter "Bambi".  Screech truly was interested just in what a girl liked over anything else. Why "Bambi" had to look like a 45 year old diner waitress from the 70's is beyond me.

Zack learned that there's always a point of going "too far" when it comes to messing with someone's heart.  Society as a whole is far from learning that lesson.  We toss the word "love" out so often we water it down and make it unrecognizable.

We trample on the sanctity and sacrifice in marriage.  Few can even empathize for another human being anymore.

Zach learned that love isn't something to be manipulated for our own gain. If only other folks could get that memo. Maybe they should watch this episode! :)

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