Saturday, February 09, 2013

SBBS 1.4 - Fatal Distraction

Season 1, Ep. 4 - Fatal Distraction

Times were simpler back in the days of Saved by the Bell.  You could fake a mental illness and not get in trouble with any groups for being politically incorrect.  Although mental illness is no laughing matter, getting back at a boy who hid a microphone in your friend's room during a sleepover is.

The dance was coming up and Zack only did what any boy would do if they thought they could get away with it.  Maybe not every guy would bug a girl's sleepover, but you would love to be a fly on the wall if your name is brought up.

Back to the simpler times... I doubt girls today actually have sleepovers as teenagers.  Innocence is lost early for most adolescents and girls are becoming meaner.  The feminist movement - though its intentions I belive were good - has had many long lasting ramifications.

Least of which is a trickle down affect on girls.  Girls are being taught that they don't have to be feminine or lady like.  Girls have also started to lose their identity.  They don't know who they are and are confused about their role in the world.

As a result, they start to emulate what they've seen and heard.  If society is lucky, there are females left that find their own path. Otherwise we are heading down a treacherous slope.  We need women in our society to be women.  Not in a neanderthal way, but in all of the ways that make men better men for knowing them.. and children well rounded for being raised by them. Just like my wife.

Zack let his curiosity get the best of him.  He's guilty of a violation of privacy, but the motive was clear. Every guy wants to know what women are thinking. I love my wife and I try hard to get to know her better all of the time.

If I know what makes her tick... and what makes her happy.... I'll do whatever it takes to give her whatever she needs.  Hopefully any man reading this - including myself - doesn't need a tape recorder to figure that much out.

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