Saturday, February 02, 2013

SBBS 1.3 - The Gift

 Season 1, Ep. 3 - The Gift

It has been all over the news lately... Lance Armstrong admitted to "doping" in order to help him win.  Several more names have been linked with using steroids in baseball.  Ravens Linebacker and future NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis is accused of using deer antler spray (yeah, it is weird to me too) to gain an advantage in his rehibilitation from an injury this season.

Winning is everything to some people; no matter what the cost.  Even if the price of winning is ruining one's personal legacy some will do it anyway.  They are blinded to morality for the sake of one cause. The "W". Instead of working hard and doing things the right way, they take the shortcut.

In "The Gift" Screech is hit by lightning and afterwards has the ability to see into the future.  Once Zack and Slater realize this they are quick to start using their geeky buddy for everything from reading minds to trying to pass a test by relaying the questions from the future. .

If he was a good friend they might make sure he didn't suffer brain damage prior to hitting him up for help on a test. However, no one really ever accused either them of being a good friend.

 Instead of studying hard and making an actual effort, Zack chooses the easier path.  Use your friend to make an easier way.  However, just as Armstrong and a host of other cheaters in sports have found out - you'll never get away with it.

For Zack, the lesson was learned much quicker.  As he is going over the questions from the test, Zack realizes that Screech's help was no help at all.

Moral of this story was straightforward; true cheaters never really win.  It also teaches you that if you're going to use your recently lightning struck buddy to help you cheat on a test because he can now see the future, go for test questions that first before asking him anything else.

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