Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hi, I'm Human

I've discussed before on this blog and in conversations with others about my desire to be transparent; to be real to the point where its uncomfortable.

I don't like putting on my "church face" and telling everyone that I'm great, even if I'm not.  I think we'd all have less burdens to bear if others knew what was really going on.  However, we don't want people to see that we're struggling or having a hard time.

We don't want others to know we're human too.

This has truly been a burden for me.... and here I am blogging about it again... knowing good and well that I am not following my own advice.

I cannot expect to change my family, friends or the world if I don't change first. So, how am I doing?

I struggle every single day.  I am far short of any personal writing goals I've set for myself.  I feel like I fail at being a good father on a daily basis.  The room I have for improvement at being a good husband could house thousands of books containing every excuse I've ever made as to why I'm not doing better.

I could write it off as "being human", but I know better. I'm not willing to let it go down like that. Heaven knows that God wouldn't let that fly either.

I'm broken, but who isn't?  I am failing like everyone else.  I fall short and always will... if I struggle alone. My God is bigger than any problem.  He can help me and so can you.

He can help you and so can I.  So, let's start being real. How are you doing today? For real....

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