Tuesday, October 09, 2012

True Worship

I love to sing.

I love singing in my car. I love singing at home. I love singing at church. I just love to sing.

I'll admit though.. I sing for pretty selfish reasons.  My sole reason isn't to worship God. That's my reason some of the time, but not most of it.

My wife on the other hand... She doesn't sing loud enough to hear her usually. She'll sing in church and sometimes with the radio; always low enough that I can't really hear her. Except for yesterday evening.

Yesterday evening I got to listen to something truly beautiful.  I think she has a very pretty singing voice, but that wasn't the most beautiful thing about it.  The best part was the heart behind her song.

I was giving the kids a bath and she was cleaning up the house... and I heard her singing.  She wasn't singing because she loves to sing, or because its fun... or anything remotely selfish. She sang because she wanted to worship. She was singing... but to an audience of one.

True worship cannot be found on a church or at a Christian concert.  True worship is found one place: the heart.

I feel privileged to get the opportunity to see my wife's heart in that way. In a way, the words weren't just coming from her mouth; the words left her heart to be found by the ears of Jesus.

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