Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Clear the Stage

I'm guilty of it.  I let things in my life become idols.  I don't realize I'm even doing it; at least not most of the time.

Jimmy Needham sings a song called "Clear the Stage" (video below).  It is a beautiful reminder that nothing should be more important to Believers than our relationship with Christ.  Anything that we put ahead of our relationship with Him can become an idol.

Yeah.. anything.

Possessions, status, things, relationships... anything that consumes our attention... that we think about all of the time. Those things are taking the place of God in our lives. 

We have so much noise around us.  So many things to grab our attention.  Time to shut out the world for a bit and wait to hear God speak to you.

Press play on the video. Close your eyes and listen. Let God speak to you and help you identify the idols in your life.

Jimmy Needham - Clear the Stage from jimmy-needham on GodTube.

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