Friday, December 23, 2011

The First Christmas Gift

Copyright 2011. Bob Speakman
He did not have to give us a gift.

We didn't deserve it.

We're ungrateful and self-centered.

We're childish and we're bitter.

We have never done anything to deserve this gift.

He gave it anyway.

The first Christmas gift wasn't a sweater, or a gift card. It certainly was not fruitcake.

This gift was not wrapped in fancy colorful paper. No ribbons or bows were placed on top either.

This gift wasn't placed under a Christmas tree, waiting for December 25th. 

This gift from GOD - a tiny baby named Jesus - was wrapped in swaddling cloths and placed in a manger.

Jesus would for the first few years of His life would be fully dependent upon His earthly parents.... and one day would ask that we become fully dependent on Him for our eternal salvation.

These strips of cloth that were wrapped around Him not only held this little baby, but also the very Word of God in the Flesh, the Breath of Heaven, our King, our Lord... the Holy Lamb of God.

His tiny little hands would one day be calloused from building things with his earthly father and would be used to heal and perform miracles.

His small feet would one day walk many miles as He preached to thousands, would carry him to Gethsemane to pray alone.

These small hands and feet would one day also be nailed to a cross.

Jesus, born in the most humble of settings, couldn't have come another way.  The story, the magic, and the miracle of Christmas... all of those things are what makes God's gift to us so special. The gift is free... and the impact is eternal.

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