Friday, November 04, 2011

58.3 "Too Early" for Christmas?

Common objections to starting "too early" with Christmas:

They're already playing Christmas music... A large majority of the population get up in arms over the sound of Christmas music prior to December 1st. Some people think the first day you should listen to Christmas music is the day after Thanksgiving. Walmart starts playing their Christmas music in November and people lose their minds.  Why is that?  Do you go into Walmart for the music?

Ugh, look at the Christmas decorations... Most people would agree that Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree shouldn't go up until the day after Thanksgiving. Some people wait until the week of Christmas... I've even heard a few people waiting until the night before.  To each their own, but we decorate in November. When people go into stores and see Christmas decorations they again go mental. Why is that?  Are you forced to buy it?  Just because you don't decorate early, why should that affect you?  If you don't have a dog should it make you mad that they carry dog food? Of course not. 

It's not even Thanksgiving yet... Who says the two seasons cannot go hand in hand?  I love Thanksgiving too.  We "give thanks" for our blessings on Thanksgiving... What greater blessing do we have than the celebration of the birth of JESUS! :)

I just don't get it.

If you're not ready, that's fine.  I don't force people to decorate early by stealing their current "everyday" decor.  I don't secretly slip Christmas CDs in peoples CD players.

I truly believe that sometimes people just want something to complain about.

Phrases commonly heard are "Can you believe they are already...", "It isn't even Thanksgiving yet and already...", "It just gets earlier every year", etc.  Those same people will find themselves behind the eight ball come mid December wishing they had started earlier.

Celebrating Christmas early isn't appealing to everyone... but should it make you angry? Stop and ask yourself, "Why is this making me so upset?" ... You'll come to find out that you really can't answer the question without the words "too early" or "not ready".

Where are you Christmas?
Here's why we start early. Christmas comes once a year. You only get a certain amount of time to enjoy it... to make it special. The reason most people wait for a week (or longer) after Christmas to take down Christmas trees, lights, etc. is because they want to enjoy it through the New Year. Why not enjoy it longer before Christmas?

Once Christmas is over, its over. When a person is excited about a vacation they think about it and talk about it for months prior to it.  Afterwards?  Its over. Sure, you might have pictures and other reminders of it... but your excitement for it is gone.

Don't join the mob mentality of grumbling over those that celebrate early.  Just smile and tell Christmas, "I'll be seeing you soon old friend".... or possibly something less hokey.

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