Monday, October 17, 2011

I Heart Christmas

My God and my relationship with Jesus are the two most important things to me.

Next is my beautiful and wonderful wife, Miranda. Without my best friend by my side, my life would be a sad mess.

Then comes my two precious children. There were two holes in my heart that they filled perfectly. Raising them is amazing and sometimes stressful... and the thought that we're responsible as parents for their upbringing in this society is a bit scary.

After God, Jesus, Miranda and the kids comes another love of my life...  I've been in love with it longer than I've even known Miranda... long before the kids were even a sparkle in Miranda's eyes. It was my first love and still holds residence in my heart until this day.

I heart Christmas. I love it very much.

As a  kid I loved the magic of it all... a light snow on Christmas Eve... the anticipation of Santa coming to our house... and the beautiful life changing story of how Jesus came as tiny baby...

He was born in an animal's feeding trough.  Only our savior would come in such a way. Only Jesus would do the exact opposite of what we expect Him to do.  Only Jesus can take the mundane and make it magical.

As I've become an adult, the magic is as strong as ever... and through the eyes of our two children it grows as strong as its ever been.  The joy of Christmas makes my heart swell... and ache as I know it will be over before I fully enjoy it.

There's a banner counting down now at the top of my page... I know for many this is "too early".  For me, its just about right.

I heart Christmas... See you soon! :)

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