Tuesday, April 10, 2012

58.6. Hand or Foot?

This would make foot flushing easy!
I don't flush the toilet with my foot.  It hasn't come to that yet.

People that I work with think I'm disgusting as a result of flushing with my hand.  They don't care that I wash my hands.  They don't care that I use the hand sanitizer and open the bathroom with a paper towel on the way out..   The fact that I touch the handle that flushes the toilet negates everything else.

I thought about it trying to do it one day, but the idea of lifting my leg up to flush the toilet did not seem natural. Besides keyboards have far more germs than a toilet handle does anyhow.

We're born filthy.  The stink of sin is with us from the day we come into this world. We can try and sanitize our lives by being good people.  There's nothing we can do to make ourselves clean.

Just as foot flushing won't keep us from germs, being a good person won't remove our sin.

We've all sinned.  Every single one of us. Being good is admirable; accepting God's grace and salvation is far superior.  God allowed His own son to die to provide a sacrifice for our sins.  All we have to do is ask for forgiveness for our sins and ask for Jesus to come into our lives.

Accepting God's free gift of salvation allows us to go to Heaven and escape Hell... and its easier than flushing with your foot! :)

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