Friday, August 13, 2010

Skittles... The Return

He has taken a long journey to get to this point. Skittles, our very first cat we owned has come home.

I wouldn't quite call it the return of the prodigal cat... he didn't leave by choice. Before we had children, we had to make a decision on whether or not we wanted cats in the house (we had three). We decided that there were too many reasons (Cocoa liked laying on people's heads, Skittles ran around the house in the middle of the night, and Jasmine was psycho) why we had to get rid of them.

Miranda's family, being the wonderful people they are, came to the rescue. Cocoa - our second cat - left first. She was easy to relocate because she was a sweetheart. A runt who love attention... and loved her claws so much that we couldn't get rid of them. She not only found a home, but a potential lifelong owner in Bobby.

Skittles and Jasmine took a little longer.

After thinking it through, Miranda's parents took
Skittles to be their newest pet. Apart from hairballs on the carpet and an occasional "accident" they really loved having him around.

Jasmine (aka Satan's pet) was a little more difficult. A long time after taking Cocoa, Bobby again came to the rescue to take Jasmine off of our hands. Jasmine did much better in his home and was fairly content.

Skittles came back to live with us last year for a few days... and we shipped him back to Butch and Annie. Maleah wasn't ready for a pet yet. :)

Skittles then found a new home... Bobby! He reconnected with his former house-mate Cocoa.

Fast forward to last week... Bobby needed to get rid of a cat (he had three and a dog). Cocoa was out of the question due to the history. :) So, we went with the original Speakman family cat.

Skittles has been back for almost a week... and in some ways it is like he never left. There will be some adjustments that we'll have to make, but it is nice having him around again.

So thank you Butch, Annie and Bobby for taking care of the cats WE took in. It meant a lot and we're glad we could return the favor.

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