Monday, November 23, 2009

Yay/Nay of the Day for 11/21-11/23

Yay: Maleah and Alex took FANTASTIC pictures this weekend. It was a world of difference from last year's ordeal with Maleah. This is a picture from their awesome photo session!

Yay: Good football weekend. Buckeyes beat Michigan and the Browns have a pulse. I'm glad they lost because a) I don't want Brady Quinn being a hero, b) they didn't deserve it, and c) we get a higher draft pick if we lose out. :)

Yay: Both of my fantasy football teams did well, but....

Nay: I don't like playing Miranda. I always want her to do well and it is hard to be the one that does well against her. Not bragging at all... she beat me down last time we played. :)

Nay: I've let the entire fall season go by and have only eaten ONE pumpkin pie blizzard from Dairy Queen. I'm so ashamed!

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  1. Anonymous11/23/2009 you let me sleep last night because I "obviously needed it"....but I know you REALLY just let me sleep so you could watch your 3 players tear it up! Definately not altruistic! :) Sweet though, because atleast I got some sleep! :)