Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goodbye First Capital Craft Mall

For a period of time I held out hope.

For a period of time I held onto a thought.

For a period of time I held my figurative breath.

That period of time is over.

The First Capital Craft Mall building has been sold to "The Water Express".


Almost every Saturday Miranda and I would go up to the Craft Mall, leisurely stroll through the seemingly unending booths of crafts. We'd almost always buy something. A shelf here, a figurine there... Our bathroom even looked like a display right out of the Craft Mall!

Whether we bought anything or not we would pay a visit to their cafe. One week we might get fried bologna sandwiches. Another week we might just get a cookie each. The food was good, but it was the atmosphere that got us to slow down. We could chat and enjoy the music while other shoppers casually shuffled by.

I'm a man and I don't even care to say it.... I really miss that place.

No other craft business has even come close. The Chillicothe Craft Mall is trying their best. However, it really is not fair to compare the two craft malls.

The First Capital Craft Mall was huge, had a ton of great items, had a cafe, and a wonderful atmosphere. They were closed on Sundays "For the Glory of God".

The Chillicothe Craft Mall is much smaller, does not have a cafe or room for one, has far fewer items and the atmosphere is just... ok. They are not closed on Sundays.

Goodbye FC Craft Mall. You'll always be part of our memories. Our shelves, curtains, and various other decorative crafts will serve us as a reminder of what this city used to have; a place to shop, a place to hang out, a place to feel at home.


  1. "I miss the Craft Mall too"!! The atmosphere was wonderful, the food was good, and location was great!!! I will always remember going to the craft mall on Saturday morning and just about always run into a family member in there (Bob & Miranda, or my Dad & Mom)!! I will always remember that place!

  2. Jo Taylor8/13/2009

    I loved the craft mall too! I would stroll the aisles of the mall and say "Jamie could make that" - He never made most of the items I muttered that about - but I had the faith that he could. lol I loved to sit outside and look at the koi pond. It is the reason we now have a fish pond in our backyard. (Jamie made it!) I guess a part of the craft mall lives in the houses (and hearts) of a lot of us =)

  3. Well hello Bob Speakman....I am Jeanie Balzer who with my sister Darla owned and operated First Capital Craft Mall. Thank you for the kind words. We still own the building. The Water Express is my daughter who is using the back part of the building for her business. There is a cafe called Island Spice Cafe in there now. They serve lunches and dinner. There is also a church there called Elisha House. You can rent the facility for meetings, events, etc. I am praying about coming up once a week to do Bible Study. Again, thanks for the kind words and lets keep in touch. Blessings.

  4. Jeanie,

    We truly miss it. I was happy to see that you added the Island Spice Cafe, but it still isn't the same. Your cafe was just part of the atmosphere.

    Our Christmas shopping was forever altered when FCCM ceased operations. It made me feel like a kid again. :)

    I appreciate what it is being used for now; if it can't be the Craft Mall.

    If you ever decide to reopen the craft mall - even in another location - please let me know.

    Thank you so much for what you gave us for those years... I never thought I'd love a craft mall. But, I never thought a craft mall could be like FC.

  5. If I might ask... what made you search for the "First Capital Craft Mall"?