Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Passing Thoughts, Iss. 14

Why does it suddenly feel like America is the kid in school that gives away their lunch money to avoid being beat up?

North Korea says, "you better not try anything or else".

America says: Yes, of course Kim Jong-il... We're sorry.

Iran says, "We're going to go ahead and make nukes after all".

America says: Sure, we understand that. Sorry for the confusion.

We're finally starting to stand up for ourselves, but only to a certain degree.

Speaking of degrees... I have like 50 of them... and none are specific to my current job.

Speaking of jobs... you have one? Good. Many people don't anymore.

Speaking of good... it is getting harder to find in this world.

Speaking of hard to find... the older I get the more I lose things.

Speaking of losing things... do you ever feel like one day we'll find a landfill overflowing with keys, socks, and class rings (that last one might be specific to me).

Speaking of socks... My back is doing much better since the "sock incident" of 2009.

Speaking of bad backs... Miranda's is not getting better. Hopefully they can figure it out soon. :(

Speaking of Miranda... did you see her Random Passing Thoughts? I'm rubbing off on her.

That may be good or bad depending on what you think of my sense of humor...

I heard a Kings Island radio ad for their new Roller Coaster called "diamondback". It said "Your first ride may be your last". In light of recent injuries and rides being shut down I think that ad is in poor taste.

Miranda's family is coming from Alabama next week. I love those Alabamians... those Alabamists... those Alabamamytes... Alabamans? Those people from Alabama!

You can teach a man to fish, but make sure you teach him how to clean the fish too... Otherwise he'll still starve.

If you ever see someone stranded on the side of the road with a gun or a knife do not stop and pick them up... Unless you are a ninja.... or Chuck Norris.

I miss Chris Farley. I didn't know him, but he seemed like a good guy. Drugs/alcohol suck.

Maybe he just needed some love. We all want to be loved.... Tell me... What's wrong with that?

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