Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Super Cereal Blog Post

Was Michael Phelps "Super Cereal"?

Alex was falling asleep every time we would feed him. He was trying really hard to get the formula out, but not much would. With my daughter we went from the "slow" flow nipples to the "medium" flow. Well, apparently "medium" doesn't exist. Now they have slow, fast, and cereal. I wasn't aware cereal was a speed.

Five Years Into the Future....

"Hey son! Slow down buddy! Don't go so super cereal! I told you that when you're riding your bike you can't go so cereal".

Anyhow, now that we are giving him the fast flow he's eating really well.... and really fast. See? Fast flow, fast eating... Slow flow, slow eating... Cereal flow, cereal eating?

I'm moving on.

Yesterday Miranda heard Maleah saying, "Daddy. Baby stuck" over and over again. We assumed she was talking about the little girl across the street. She was outside and Maleah sometimes calls him "daddy" because he's a man. Clearly she understands what "daddy" means. Anyhow, after a minute of it I found Maleah... stuck between a chair and the front picture window! She was trying to get the chair to help me with dishes, but it got stuck on the rug! She was very patient about it. :)

Maleah was moved into a big kid Sunday School class last Sunday. They were going to wait until the class switch happened later this year, but they said she seemed bored (she was playing hide and go seek by herself). Well, I went to pick her up from her new class and she was having a blast! She was playing with a dollhouse with another little girl.
She saw me and said to one of the women in her class, "Kathy, look... Its its its daddy!!!" Then she said, "Daddy, look.... its kids! Look, kids! Look daddy, cars (had cars in her hand). Put cars away (shoved them into a closet in the dollhouse; which was bigger than any closet in my house). C'mon daddy, see mommy! (grabbed my hand) Bye kids! Bye! Bye kids".

Alex is following things well with his eyes; even turning his head if needed. He's been doing that for weeks now. He turns his head when he hears a familiar voice too. He has already started rolling up on his side and he has rolled from his stomach to his back. He grunts a lot. It is rather funny to hear! :)

Miranda is doing well too. She has been eating on her own and making her own decisions on what she wants. She no longer has aversions and now eats lunch meat and hot dogs. :)


  1. Matt Bruning5/05/2009

    The last line of this made me laugh out loud. I love how you gave updates on everyone and I'm happy to hear that Miranda is eating on her own. LOL!

  2. I'm really proud of Miranda. She's eating like a big kid now. ;)

  3. I am so happy to hear that your family of 4 is doing so well!! Alex and Maleah are both adorable! Have they always had cereal flow? I remember slow, medium, and fast, but not cereal!?!

  4. You have no idea how thrilled he is that he's not had to figure out dinner ONCE in the last month!