Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Passing Thoughts, Iss. 13

OK... so what is with everyone hating on Kris Allen? The guy won American Idol, but is getting dumped on. Some call it the greatest upset in Idol History. Read this blog post if you like Adam. Don't call Yahoo's Lyndsey Parker unbiased!

Speaking of upsets... Taylor Hicks wins Season Five's American Idol - CD sales: under 800,000. Chris Daughtry comes in 4th that year - CD sales: 4.4 million. That's an upset.

Speaking of American Idol... I'm just glad it is over.

Speaking of things being over... Is it just me or does anyone else think Nancy Pelosi's political career is in jeopardy? I mean she was so likable before... What in the world happened?

Speaking of Jeopardy... remember 74 time Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings? That guy made Jeopardy cool.

Speaking of cool... Have you watched Glenn Beck on Fox News yet? You really should try.

Speaking of trying... I'm done.

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