Thursday, April 02, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Not to Buy Taylor Hicks' New CD

A friend from work was talking about getting the new Taylor Hicks CD. I thought I'd explain to her (and you) why she shouldn't:

Top 10 Reasons Not to Buy Taylor Hicks' New CD

10. Regular coasters are cheaper than buying his CD.
9. So are Frisbees.
8. William Hung's CD is cheaper and you get the same basic quality.
7. If you can't watch him go flailing around while singing, what's the point?
6. You can't play it out loud for fear of public beatings.
5. You could use that money for something better... Make a paper airplane out of it, use it as a napkin, etc.
4. Why buy his CD when you can hear him sing at a Rib Fest or a county fair?
3. Have you heard him sing? Seriously?
2. Because admitting stupidity is the first step in the road to rational thinking.
1. You might encourage him to make more.


  1. Anonymous4/03/2009

    Have you heard it? If not, then you shouldn't comment. Let your friend make her own decisions. I can tell her that it's quite good.

  2. My blog post was made in jest, but I truly don't like his singing. I don't know very many who do.

    I guess I was trying to think of it as... I don't need to stick my head out my car window to know that it is raining. I know I don't like his style and that's pretty much the extent of it.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Anonymous4/03/2009

    The CD is excellent. I'm not going to list 10 reasons why your comments that bash this musician are not funny - but here's a link to a professional review of "The Distance" at BlogCritics about this very good album produced by Taylor Hicks. Read it you might like it - or pass it along to your friend who is interested in the album - or listen to the CD if you get a chance.

  4. Not my cup of tea. I'm sure this cd is better than his first. I don't doubt that. I didn't claim that this was a "review" of his new cd.

    I'm glad that Taylor is finally getting to be what HE wants to be... not what Idol wanted him to be.

    Take care.

  5. Oh, and I would LOVE if you would list the top 10 reasons that my post wasn't funny. I think that would be hilarious! :)

  6. Anonymous4/03/2009

    That's not a professional review, it's on Anyone can write articles for them.

  7. Brooke4/03/2009

    Personally I would like to see the 10 ten reason list why they didnt find it funny- because I really enjoyed your list :)

  8. Brooke4/04/2009

    Gesh, who would have known posting something about Taylor Hicks (of all people) would create such an much for being allowed to have your own opinion about something!