Friday, April 03, 2009

Taylor Hicks - Your Call

I have had quite a few new visitors of people searching for "Taylor Hicks" and finding my blog.

Was I too harsh in my "Top 10 reasons not to buy" his new cd blog post? Reviews I read said that this CD is much better than the first. So, let me hear from you. What do you think of Taylor Hicks new CD? Are you a fan? Or is it same guy, different CD? Leave it in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous4/03/2009

    It's better.

    I don't think you were too harsh, but I do think before you make a post like that you should have at least listened to the CD.

  2. Anonymous4/03/2009

    All music is a matter of taste and if one truly doesn't care for the type of music Mr. Hicks performs , than "so be it". It is a marvelous CD and has given me much listening pleasure. Enjoy his voice tremendously and that is the #1 issue for me. I love the musicality of these songs ( eclectic ). The lyrical theme is nothing new , but some of the tracks have a few twists that are unique.

    Maybe You Should should become a classic; it is an awesome song.


  3. Anonymous4/03/2009

    Hey Bob - I didn't see your original blog just happened to find this one.

    I am a Taylor fan, I've been to many shows. But I found your #6 funny - "You can't play it out loud for fear of public beatings."

    I am constantly made fun of by family, friends and co-workers because I like Taylor's music.

    What I really find interesting is that Taylor drives such polar opposites when it comes to people's perception of him. Rarely do you find someone in the middle of the road when it comes to Taylor. People either love his style or hate it.


  4. Anonymous4/03/2009

    Its not whether you like him or not or if anybody does, its simply that is is talented and he has done nothing to be the object of many, many jokes. Hes a good person, hes worked very hard, hes paid his dues. And hes talented. I've got a pretty good sense of humor , I'm kind of known for my snark and some jokes are great and very funny. But TH has been ridiculed too damn much. It has hurt, its one of the reasons hes having trouble selling a very good album. Real music with world class musicians, instead of the some old garbage you get from most everyone else on the radio. But it is what it is and he will smile and keep on keeping on. Hes doing great in his stage show, they love him.
    Listen to some of his music here
    Especially check out Sweet Home Chicago with Keb Mo and see what you think and if you happen to hear his album, listen to Maybe You Should, Seven Mile Breakdown and Hide Nor Hair. Great songs.

  5. Anonymous4/03/2009

    I just noticed that you are looking for sponsors for your March for Babies. It made me wonder if you had heard of Taylors favorite charites. KidOne and Studio by the Tracks. He does a lot for the kids when he can.
    And you know what? I had a whole set of Sweet Pickles Books in mint condition and sold them for $15 last year. Dang. I see a set being offered for $200 on ebay. Who knew?

  6. Anonymous4/03/2009

    I noticed someone sent you the blog critics review. Heres a better more professional one that I agreed with more except for the fact that they liked Elliott better. Not me.
    Read this one , its a well thought out review. and more professional, I think.
    theres a couple of things on this album, I bet your kids would enjoy.

  7. DG said it best, "Rarely do you find someone in the middle of the road when it comes to Taylor. People either love his style or hate it".

    I'm sorry, but people making fun of Taylor too much isn't the reason he isn't selling CDs. His style is a very specific genre. You like it or you don't. I just don't.

    Cath, I appreciate your comment...

    On the Sweet Pickles thing... Yeah, they're a hot comodity now! :)

  8. Anonymous4/04/2009

    Since you're inviting "us" in......Taylor's new CD is so much better than his first simply because he made it the way he wanted to. There are some lows for me but all-in-all, I'm really enjoying his new CD. The bonus tracks alone are with it! He is his own person musically and I applaud him for staying true to how he wants to be as an artist. I think it's just a damn shame that after 3 years he is still made fun of and critized by the media for winning AI. You don't see this with other AI winnners who haven't made it as big as others.

  9. Anonymous4/04/2009

    Taylor is very talented and a great entertainer. His new CD is excellent. You can actually understand the words, contrary to the over-produced stuff that is all over the place. Taylor has said he likes to tell stories and touch people with his music. This CD does all that. Please do yourself a favor and at least listen to the music before you comment on any of it. Taylor will be around a long time. He's a true musican, songwriter and loves what he does. It appears from comments that if a person is not a heavy rock fan or not in to porno-type videos, our opinions, likes and dislikes are null and void.
    I am proud I voted for Taylor on AI. His talent is real. He is such a gentleman and hasn't bashed anyone. Thanks for letting me comment here. Adults can have meaningful conversions even if they disagree. God Bless You.

  10. Anonymous4/04/2009

    Put me in the "I like" category. He puts on one helluva show and I love his new CD.

  11. Anonymous4/06/2009

    I do like Taylor Hicks. I love his new cd. There isn't a song on it I don't like. Taylor is an artist who can pull off many different styles of music and do it well. The cd has a lot of variety and I think if people open their minds and listen to it they will be pleasantly surprised.