Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3BT for 3/17/09

1. Another donation to my March of Dimes campaign. Thank you to Annie for your generous gift! That puts me up to $45... Make a donation today at

2. I printed pictures before I put them online. Something about actually showing someone prints that is so much better than viewing them online. Unless they're old pictures. Then I gag.

3. Maleah, my sweetheart. She breaks my heart in a million ways every single day. I look in her eyes and see that she trusts me fully. She puts her babies down for "night-night", kisses them and tells them "sweet dreams". She likes oreos because she can lick the icing off of her fingers. She eats ketchup like its a main course. She likes to watch Wow Wow Wubbzy and Curious George more than any other shows. When she wants something she'll ask and say please; when she gets it she says, "thanks daddy". When something happens that breaks her heart her bottom lip sticks way out and quivers... she can get whatever she wants when she makes that face. I love my little girl.

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  1. Anonymous3/17/2009

    I love your little girl too!