Thursday, February 26, 2009

Writing, American Idol, Warmer Days

3BT for 2/26/09

1. Writing. I love to write. I wish I made more time for it. I love what God has been able to do through me thus far; I just need to allow Him to do more!

2. American Idol. I love the show... this year has been weird, but its still a nice diversion.

3. 50s in the winter. I will take it!


  1. Anonymous2/26/2009

    Writing,I hate to write! I do like American Idol though. I will take 50's in the winter anytime! Only 22 days until spring!!!!

  2. I love to write too, but never do! I haven't watched any American Idol this year (I know what planet am I living on right?), and I am loving the 50's in the winter!! Have a great evening with your family Bob!!