Thursday, December 11, 2008

Get a Name for Yourself!

Time to make a name for yourself! These are just for fun!

Christmas Elf name generator:
Hobbit name generator:
Elvish name generator:
Gimmick name generator: (Jedi name, Soap opera name, etc.)
Rockstar name generator:
Pirate name generator:

Here's what I got....
Rock star name: Xavier Davis
Your Jedi name is: Spero Pachi
Your soap opera name is: Matthew Moss
Hobbit name: Grigory Loamsdown of Deephallow
Elvin name: Eöl Carnesîr
Christmas Elf name: Beaker Angel-Pants
Pirate name: Red Tom Rackham


  1. OK Bob I played along! Here is what I got.

    Christmas Elf Name: Sunny Mistletoe
    Hobbit Name: Iris Took Of Great Smials
    Elfish Name: Eldarwen Tiwele
    Soap Opera Name: Lynn Winona
    Rockstar Name: Loreena Stanley
    Pirate Name: Dread Pirate Flint
    Jedi Name: Eldst Whchi

  2. Also check out Generator Land ( for a plethora of name generators.