Monday, November 03, 2008

Think, Process, Vote

There are a number of reasons why I have not blogged recently (all of which were due to general business), but I needed to post this real quick.

Get out and VOTE!

Tomorrow, November 4th, is election day. You have a chance to make history. You have a chance to be heard. You have your chance to VOTE!

Do not vote based on exciting speeches and a lot of "feel good" talk; vote on substance. Do not vote based on excitement over a candidate; vote on the issues.

Figure out what is most important to you and vote on those issues. This is not a one issue election.

If you are for partial birth abortion... if you do not want parental notification on underage abortions... if you want our troops insulted and pulled out before they can get the job done... if you want to see jobs lost because of increasing taxes on small businesses.... if you want government run health care that results in ridiculous wait times.... if you want someone who has questionable ties to terrorists and a radical anti-American preacher.... if you want a President whose only executive experience is being a "community organizer"... vote for Obama.

If you want unborn children to have the right to live... If you want to keep the brutal partial birth abortion process as an illegal procedure... If you want a man who has had his body broken for his country... If you want to keep the tax breaks that you've received under Bush... If you want the only candidate that is endorsed by the NRA... If you want to feel safe at night knowing that your President has been through war and can get us through this one too.... Put your check mark next to the McCain/Palin ticket.

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