Monday, November 10, 2008

Gas Gorging

Instead of the gas companies gouging us at the pump, Americans will be gorging on it instead. The prices are low... very low. I saw $1.85 at a BP in Grove City. That's low... How low?

The National average is $2.46 per gallon (source: EIA Website). That's a huge difference. You can thank California for a large chunk of that. Anyhow, using the national average as a benchmark, when was the last time the national average was that low? During the last week in February of 2007.

Taking it down to Ohio's statewide average (source: the average sits at $1.95. When was the last time our state average was that low? January of 2006!

There is no guarantee how far the gas prices will drop to or how long they will stay this low. Just appreciate the fact that they are as low as they are for now - just in time for Christmas! :)

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