Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Split the Difference...

Miranda explained the story about a 2nd vehicle breaking down on her blog so I won't re-tell it. Go read it and come back.... I'll wait....

One funny thing I wanted to mention was about the towing company that picked me up. I told them that over the three miles (still crazy that it is only three miles) that AAA covers, I'm paying $3 per mile so I needed to know how much I needed. I told the guy that I had $8 and that's all I could pay. He told me that he estimated it would be eight or nine miles.

P'shaw. Having just broke down not one mile from where I was this go-round I knew that was not true. I asked him to check. He "guessed" he could do that. How nice.

He came back and told me that his boss looked it up on MapQuest and it was going to be "6 or 7 " miles. He then told me that he explained to his boss that I only had $8. The towing would be $9. He said his boss told him to "split the difference" and make it $6.

Huh? I didn't complain. Anyhow, I got home just fine thanks to help from an old friend. Once again several people stopped to help. People can be good and people can be bad. Let's split the difference and call them great.

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  1. Brooke9/17/2008

    Last time Miranda's went out first, and you had a girl----so does that mean since your car went out before Miranda's does that mean you're having a little boy??? (thats our brilliant logic :) )