Monday, September 22, 2008


This is good stuff. First off all you have to stop by Miranda's blog and see the pictures she posted. It is a picture of her as a baby and a picture of Maleah taken recently. Who does she look like???
And, now a few pictures of me as a baby. After years of thinking that I had almost no pictures of me as a baby - we lost a ton of pictures in the Massieville Flood - mom found some of me.
I was a cute baby, but Maleah looks more and more like her mom everyday.


  1. Anonymous9/22/2008

    Bob, I honestly can see both of you in Maleah,but she looks like her mom! On the other hand, your mom hasn't changed a bit! Love ya, Annie

  2. Brooke9/24/2008

    I love the hat!

  3. Yeah, it took a minute to figure out it was cookie monster. :)