Thursday, August 21, 2008

Without a Question

On my way home last night a pretty scary situation started to develop. As I was pulling out of my work's parking lot (in Columbus) things started acting crazy. The window was slow to roll down. The radio kept cutting out. The air bag light started flashing and I realized something.

My alternator was about to die on me again. I could have just pulled over, let the car die and figured out what to do next. Instead I pushed forward and prayed like there was no tomorrow.

At traffic lights I'd either put it in park or neutral and rev the engine and that was enough to keep me rolling along. It rolled me all of the way to Chillicothe and then it happened. At the intersection of 104 South and 35 West my car died. I tried to start it again. Click. Click.

My carpool friend Kim helped me get the car off the road. We were only 2 minutes from her house. Luckily her daughter could come get her. I, however, had to wait for the tow truck dispatched by AAA.

It did not take long. Just 35 minutes later my "ride" was there to save the day. A cop pulled up behind us to make sure no one hit us. As we waited I stuffed my hands into my pockets (because I never know what to do with them). The officer leaned over towards me.

"Buddy, could you do me a favor?" he asked.
"Sure," I replied with puffed out chest. I was sure I could help this officer of the law.
"Could you take your hands out of your pockets for me?"

A wave of embarrassment and terror washed over me. "You bet," I replied.

After taking my hands out of my pocket I became overwhelmingly aware that I had nowhere to put my hands. I would cross my arms, but would that seem aggressive?

Then all of the sudden I realized that I had some saliva building up in my mouth. Should I swallow it or would that make me seem nervous? I waited until he looked away and gulped. Hopefully the officer in the car didn't see me...

The best part (silver lining if you will) were the people that checked on me. Several cars slowed down to see if I needed any help. I smiled and waved them on each time. Two guys in a truck even pulled up behind me and asked if I needed anything. I truly appreciated the people living in Chillicothe for that.

So, if on Tuesday you happened to see a white Nissan on the side of the road and you slowed to see if I needed help, I thank you. Your kind hearts renewed my belief that are still people that care. People that would stop and help a stranger - no questions asked.


  1. Interesting...wouldn't you say...that all that praying...God landed you right outside the entrance to our church :)

  2. Anonymous8/21/2008

    You didn't tell me about the police officer! That's too funny! Annie

  3. You look so untrustworthy, I can't blame the officer for being wary ;)
    Oh my word! You made a lousy experience sound so entertaining, I about peed my pants...well not really, but I did read the whole story outloud to Dan so he could share the giggles!!!


  4. You are lucky you didn't get hit with a taser by the police officer LOL! GREAT story!

  5. Anonymous8/22/2008

    Everyday we read in our paper about all kinds of bad things happening in our community! It is so good to hear that there are still good things happening as well!!!!! Oh, and I am so sorry your car died, but so glad that God guided you home!!