Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Matilda Factor

Ever seen the movie Matilda? She's a little girl with big powers. She was told she was dumb, too little and that she wasn't capable of doing anything special. Spoiler alert: She does special things. She felt defeated. She felt small. However, when she realized the power that was being used through her she did some pretty cool stuff.

Do you ever feel inadequate? I do. In the presence of other Christians I am dwarfed in the shadow of their giant spiritual presence. I hear them speak and wonder why I don't act/feel/speak like they do.

Do you ever feel small? I know I do. I have moments where I think about what I can and cannot do. I cannot do anything big.

Do you ever wonder, "what's the point" of trying to make a difference if you're too small? I know I have. I know I still do from time to time.

We are inadequate. We are too small. We are not able to do anything big.

A man down the street lost his job and can't provide for his family. A single mom struggles with raising her kids as well as a drug addiction. A teenager in your church youth group gets made fun of and is contemplating suicide. Babies die every single day in the name of "choice" - when they have no choice themselves. Sin is rampant in our society and families are taking the hit. Drugs, violence, suicide, sex on tv. It's all too much for us. We can't overcome it.

But Christ can. In fact He already has.

We may not win the battles against these things, but we'll win the war.

We may be too small, but God is not. When we allow Him to work through us we can help others in His name. And, in turn, we will make a difference.

You may be not be adequate enough to ever do anything big, but God LOVES inadequate people. Just ask Moses when you get to Heaven. He'll let you know... and he won't even need Aaron to do the talking. :)

Matilda may have been given a special "magical" gift. The gifts that Christ gives us - grace and mercy - are far greater than anything even Matilda ever experienced. Once we're willing to be used for His will we'll weild much greater power than we could ever imagine.


  1. Anonymous6/18/2008

    WOW! Powerful Stuff. You, Bob, are a lot bigger then you might think. Love ya, Annie

  2. Anonymous6/19/2008

    Very well put!