Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beautifully Inadequate

Leading worship last night was a wonderful experience. It was nothing like I've ever been apart of before. The youth weren't raising their hands and getting all into it or anything. It wasn't about that. It was about the genuine feeling that you are leading worship. It is the first time I've truly ever understood what leading worship was all about.

Why is it different than when I was with the Praise Team? Miranda asked me that. I guess it comes from the freedom that we had to pick our own songs, to cut out parts we didn't like, to assign who sings what, and cutting out a song that just isn't working.

It was knowing that at that moment I was vulnerable to the Holy Spirit. It wasn't anything that WE were doing special. It was knowing that God was working through us - and we were responsible for allowing Him to do that.

What an amazing experience! I thank God for that wonderful opportunity! :)

p.s. Letha, please tell Dan I'm sorry for not staying and listening to his message. I hadn't seen Maleah and I knew she was going to bed soon. :(


  1. I could get used to you being a worship leader =)
    You wrote a beautiful blog. It's an awesome feeling to have the Holy Spirit in control, isn't it?!
    Dan says he has no hard feelings about you missing his sermon. He was so very nervous he probably couldn't have told you who was there and who wasn't there! The Holy Spirit must have taken over him too because he talked for 55 minutes! Something else that was very cool too is how Dan & Tony didn't "plan" their sermons, yet Dan preached Wed on repentance and how we show "action" after repentance. Then Tony preached on Thurs and it just seemlessly followed and backed up what Dan had said the nite before.....kinda like a one-two punch!
    BTW, we're doing Experiencing God this WED, didn't know if you were aware?

  2. I enjoyed it and hope to do it again sometime or in some capacity!

    I'm glad Dan's message went so well. The Holy Spirit really does have a way of moving us to do specific things. That's why I've never hada problem with televangelists (probably stepping off the deep end now).

    I hate that they wrongfully take people's money. However, they bring people to Christ. Whether or not that preacher is sincere, the person accepting Christ THROUGH him is sincere. God will use anything/anyone to further His purpose.

    Miranda and I will be there on Wednesday! We're looking forward to it!