Wednesday, April 09, 2008

AI Power Rankings: Week 5

Results from Week 4
Bob's picks: Kristy - Correct, Ramielle - Correct, Jason - Incorrect (Brooke)
Miranda's picks: Syesha - Incorrect (Kristy), Jason - Incorrect (Syesha), Ramielle - Correct

Bob picked: Ramielle - Correct
Miranda picked: Syesha - Incorrect (Ramielle)

Bottom 3: Bob, 7-5. Miranda, 5-7
Eliminee: Bob, 1-3. Miranda, 0-4

After three weeks of getting shut out, I picked the eliminee correctly last week. I went 2-1 on the bottom 3, while Miranda went 1-2.

It was "Inspirational" week on Idol due to the "Idol Gives Back" show tonight. It was awful. It was the worst of the year. Blech. Here are my AI Power Rankings for week 5:

( ) before the name indicates last week's rank

8 (6) Michael Johns. Miranda made a good point. Michael just picks songs that people know and like so they will like him. He sang ok, but he'll stay...and stay and stay. I don't think he's very good at all.

7 (8) Kristy Lee Cook. She was actually one of the best of the night. So weird to say, but true. That was the best she's been all year. I still didn't care much for it, but she's good as far as the country music industry goes.

6 (5) Brooke White. She's an emotional wreck. She cries after every song and contorts her face after negative criticism. She's not safe this week. Not by a mile.

5 (7) Jason Castro. Jason did pretty well. He sounded the same, but it was the most enjoyable of the night. He is a good singer and he did enough to stay out of the bottom 3 last night. Watch it here:

4 (4) David Archuletta. I feared this week for him because every other week is "inspirational" week so this would get worse. He did pretty well, but I just think he's revealed some of his weaknesses with pitch, lack of comfort, etc. He'll go on; probably in the finals. David, be sure to thank your millions of 14 and under voters (as well as 30 and over).

3 (2) Carly Smithson. She's the best singer in the competition, but she was all but screaming this song. Watch it here...with your volume down a little:

2 (3) Syesha Mercado. She took an ok song by a performer that I don't care for and made it work. She was actually pretty good, but couldn't get past the comparisons to Fantasia. Not sure why Fantasia is held to such a high standard, but whatever.

1 (1) David Cook. Whoah dude, whoah. What was that. It was awful, that's what. I always wait in great anticipation for his songs and he was bad. Here's the video:

Miranda's Rankings/Predictions and My Predictions:

Miranda's Rankings:
( ) before the name indicates last week's rank

8 (8) Michael Johns (bottom 3) (eliminated)
7 (4) Brooke White (bottom 3)
6 (7) Kristy Lee Cook
5 (6) Jason Castro
4 (2) Carly Smithson (bottom 3)
3 (1) David Cook
2 (3) David Archuleta
1 (5) Syesha Mercado

Bob's Bottom 3:
Carly Smithson - It wasn't her best week, but she doesn't deserve to be here. I fear she will be.
Syesha Mercado - Like Carly she shouldn't be here, but she's been lost in the shuffle.
Brooke White - It was a surprise to see her in the bottom 3 last week. The shock wears off this week.

Though I wish it were Kristy or Micahel... I think it will be Brooke leaving the show on Thursday night.

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