Thursday, April 03, 2008

Kid's Menu, Moose A. Moose & Diego, Moving

3BT for 4/3/08

1. Ordering off of the kid's menu. When we go to Bob Evans we order off of the kid's menu for Maleah. She is getting so big! She eats adult foods and walks around like she owns the place! :) I love her so much. Next will be Happy Meals. :)

2. Maleah is friends with a moose and a little boy who rescues animals. Watching how the world of Noggin (ch. 76 Time Warner) expands Maleah's imagination is like watching a butterfly learning to fly. She is learning things each day and Noggin helps her cultivate her baby mind. She's learned a TON from her cousin Kaitlyn that has been instrumental; Noggin supplements the learning.

3. Moving out of the way. Sometimes the biggest help that we can provide to God in shaping our lives is to just move. Step back. Stopping muddling things up. Take your hands off it! Miranda and I are seeing first hand the doors that can open up when you let go of the wheel.


  1. Anonymous4/04/2008

    It is so amazing to watch your little one take in and understand the world around them. What is even more amazing is the amount of knowledge they can absorb at one time, we might not know it till a day or so later but they pay attention to everything.
    I wanted to cry the first time we ordered off the big kids menu for Kaitlyn, I had to remind myself that it was just one of the many steps toward growing up!
    These first years are so precious, and it is where they pick up alot of knowledge that they will use for life, I am thankful for a channel like noggin that shows mind expanding shows, rather than some of the other channels that show trash.
    Have a Great day Bob!

  2. It is so true! She only watches a Diego and Moose intently, but beyond that she will kind of half listen and play while its on.

    At first I thought the TV was the devil for children. :) Now I see that she doesn't abuse it and that she learns from it. I appreciate that station and your daughter for the little genius baby that Maleah is becoming. :)