Wednesday, April 16, 2008

AI Power Rankings: Week 6

Results from Week 5
Bob's picks: Carly - Correct, Syesha - Correct, Brooke - Incorrect (Michael)
Miranda's picks: Carly -Correct, Brooke - Incorrect (Syesha), Michael - Correct

Bob picked: Brooke - Incorrect (Michael)
Miranda picked: Michael - Correct

Bottom 3: Bob, 8-6. Miranda, 7-8
Eliminee: Bob, 1-4. Miranda, 1-4

With a little bit of luck and a TON of hope Miranda was correct this week. Michael Johns went home in a big "shocker". How he went home was cold. The fact that he did was a good thing though. I think if he was such a fan favorite that he'd still be around.

It was "Mariah Carey" week on Idol. The guys did really well and the ladies did ok. Here are my AI Power Rankings for week 6:

( ) before the name indicates last week's rank

7 (6) Brooke White. She gets a little worse each week. I think she's peaked and she knows she's out of her league now.

6 (7) Kristy Lee Cook. She was actually the best female of the week. Weird stuff.

5 (5) Jason Castro. Jason was very smooth again and I think he can stick around awhile with performances like that.

4 (3) Carly Smithson. She pulled back a little on her volume, but it was still a little loud. Overall she did pretty well, but she can't catch break from the judges.

3 (2) Syesha Mercado. She did pretty well, but the judges weren't impressed.

2 (4) David Archuletta. Another slow song for David A. and he did fine. He cracked once, but the judges didn't hear it or care. They love him.

1 (1) David Cook. David returned to his elite form with his interpretation of "Be My Baby". Amazing. Here it is:

Miranda's Rankings/Predictions and My Predictions:

Miranda's Rankings:
( ) before the name indicates last week's rank

7 (7) Brooke White [bottom 3]
6 (4) Carly Smithson [bottom 3][eliminated]
5 (6) Kristy Lee Cook[bottom 3]
4 (1) Syesha Mercado
3 (5) Jason Castro
2 (2) David Archuleta
1 (3) David Cook

1 David C.
2 David A.
3 Jason
4 Syesha
5 Kristy
6 Carly
7 Brooke

Bob's Bottom 3:
Carly Smithson - She doesn't deserve to be here yet, but the guys shined.
Syesha Mercado - Just forgettable enough to miss out on some votes.
Brooke White - I was wrong about her last week, but don't think I'll be wrong again.

This week I again think Brooke will leave the show.

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