Friday, March 28, 2008

Chinchilla Chat

We received an email at work about the company doing "air testing", but then it was clarified that it was just the new office; not the one we're in. The following exchange on IM with Kim came as a result of the email:

[09:33] Kim: guess they don't care about our air- but wait...we aren't sitting on top of a dump.
[09:33] Bob: :)
[09:34] Bob: true.
[09:34] Bob: we don't have toxic radio active waste under us
[09:34] Bob: with an ancient indian burial ground too
[09:34] Kim: hehehehe
[09:34] Bob: also it was a civil war battleground where many died
[09:35] Kim: they don't need air control- but ghost busters
[09:35] Bob: And there used to be house there where and guy drowned his wife so her spirit roams the land
[09:35] Kim: how much sleep did you get last night :-D
[09:35] Bob: and chinchillas were bread nearby
[09:35] Kim: bread?
[09:36] Bob: past tense for breed
[09:36] Kim: yummy
[09:36] Bob: I assume that's right. I could be wrong on that.
[09:36] Kim: bred
[09:36] Bob: that's it!
[09:36] Bob: chinchilla bread, now in the bakery of your local grocery store
[09:37] Kim: $$$???
[09:37] Bob: "Mom, can I have some chinchilla bread?"
[09:37] Bob: "Yes dear, but only if you've had your shots"
[09:37] Bob: what's a chinchilla?
[09:37] Kim: sure sweetie-after you go outside & get some money off the tree
[09:38] Kim: an expensive rodent
[09:38] Bob: ok, I thought it was an animal.
[09:38] Kim: they are ugly little rodent animals
[09:39] Kim: women like very expensive fur coats made from them
[09:39] Bob: they look like fat mice.
[09:39] Bob: chi -chi - chinchilla.
[09:39] Kim: sprinkle a little seed & water
[09:40] Bob: I want one!
[09:40] Bob: Maybe it will eat Jasmine
[09:40] Kim: hehehehe
[09:40] Bob: They live for 15-18 years!
[09:41] Kim: not if you need a coat by tomorrow night!
[09:41] Bob: They look like real life furbies
[09:41] Bob: ok, I don't want one now
[09:42] Kim: of course you would like them then
[09:42] Bob: I fear it would kill me in my sleep.
[09:42] Bob: then it would make a "bob" coat
[09:42] Kim: hhhhhheeeeee

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