Monday, March 10, 2008

Altar and the Door and the Concert

The Casting Crowns concert was amazing. We had a great time and we were in the sixth row, not seventh as previously blogged. :)

The whole night was very worshipful including a couple of songs from John Waller (The Blessing), a great set by Leeland, and of course Casting Crowns. Mark Hall is an amazing man. He's allowed God to flow through him like few others I've ever seen. He, like everyone else on that stage, was just a regular human being. The message that they conveyed is that each person should walk away not thinking, "those guys are great", but that "our God is so great".

I will have pictures on tonight. They don't do justice to the feel of the concert itself, but they show just how close we really were!

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  1. The concert was amazing...The way God is using this group to minister and witness and all the good that comes out of this ministry. I loved the prayer. I loved that so many thousands of people were completely silent as the band prayed. I loved hearing everyone sing "asking Oprah what to do!"...and singing worship songs and hymns. And the painting...oh the painting...and Psalm 1...WOW! It was definately a place of worship!