Wednesday, March 19, 2008

AI Power Rankings: Week 2

Results from Week 1
Bob's Bottom 3: Kristy - Correct, David - Correct, Amanda - Incorrect (Syesha)
Bob's Eliminee: Kristy - Incorrect (David)
Miranda's Bottom 3: picks: Kristy - Correct, David - Correct, Amanda - Incorrect (Syesha)
Miranda's Eliminee: Kristy - Incorrect (David)

Bottom 3: Bob, 2-1. Miranda, 2-1
Eliminee: Bob, 0-1. Miranda, 0-1

So, after the first week Miranda and I are tied because we picked the same exact people! This week will be different as one of our bottom 3 is not the same.

It was a Beatle's theme right on the tail end of McCartney/Lennon Songbook week so it had big stinker potential. Here are my AI Power Rankings for week 2:

11 (11) Amanda Overmyer. She was as tolerable as she'll ever be to me last night. I'm sorry, but I don't get her. She screams, she slurs her speech and has no versatility.

10 (12) Kristy Lee Cook. Not as bad as last week. That's like saying a car accident isn't as bad as a train wreck.

9 (8) Ramielle Mallubay. She did better this week, but slower songs that have little emotional connection will apparently be the norm.

8 (9) Jason Castro. Runner up to only Brooke in the awkward olympics, Jason uncomfortably walked around the stage like he was looking for his keys. The song itself was only ok. He's got a quirky charm that people like, but that can only cary you so far. Just ask Taylor Hicks.... Wait.

7 (6) Michael Johns. Ugh. What a waste of talent. This guy will need good writers to make him enjoyable. He is not good at all when it comes to picking songs. Not since Bohemian Rhapsody has he been terrific.

6 (4) Brooke White. I actually felt very awkward during her entire presence on stage. The song was very "hippy". Her dancing was uncomfortable and her remarks to the judges were strange. I think this is a very nice woman with a good voice, but too many weeks like this and she'll go home soon. Watch her video here:

5 (5) Chikezie. Chikezie once again totally caught be off guard. The guy has a nice singing voice. He was in the middle of a ballad styled song when he broke out a harmonica and the song then became country. It was weird and wonderful. Watch it here:

4 (7) Syesha Mercado. She picked the only perfect song of the night. She did "Yesterday" which I've always loved. She did a very nice version of it and will have no problem escaping the bottom 3 this week. Watch her video here:

3 (3) David Archuletta. He completely recovered from last week's performance by smashing his song this week. He bored me, but slow songs do that some times. The little girl vote will push him to this spot no matter what he does. He had a "Dusty Chandler" moment last week and he still had the most votes. Go figure.

2 (1) Carly Smithson. Her performance was pretty good, but was overshadowed by other contestants. She has to be consistently amazing to stay in the top 3. She is the best singer, but song choice and poor performance can put a damper on the Carly parade.

1 (2) David Cook. He continues to get better every week. He may not be the best singer, but his stage presence and "sound" more than make up for it. Much like Daughtry, he will have no problems selling records; he'll be in the top 2-3 of records sales for this season's top 12 no matter when he goes home.

Miranda's Rankings/Predictions and My Predictions:

Miranda's Rankings:
11 (12) Amanda Overmyer (Bottom 3)
10 (11) Kristy Lee Cook (Bottom 3)(Eliminated)
9 (10) Michael Johns (Bottom 3)
8 (9) Jason Castro
7 (7)Ramielle Mallubay
6 (8) Chikezie
5 (1) Brooke White
4 (5) Carly Smithson
3 (4) Syesha Mercado
2 (1) David Archuleta
1 (2) David Cook

Bob's Bottom 3:
Kristy Lee Cook - More of the same.
Ramielle Mallubay - Over the top singing and dancing has killed his chances.
Amanda Overmyer - I think she'll be here and then be sent back to "have a seat".

For the second straight week I think it should be.... Kristy Cook. Even though she isn't the worst, she still will go home before Amanda.

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