Thursday, February 07, 2008

Maleah "hearts" Huckabee, New Pics, New Bible

1. Maleah likes Huckabee too. Yesterday morning Maleah had the remote while Miranda was watching Fox News. Huckabee was speaking, but they had to leave before she got to finish watching the segment. We turned on the tv last night and on the DVR list was that segment. Maleah had hit record! :) My little conservative!

2. New Maleah pictures are finally online. Go to our Picasa page to look at them.

3. I got a new Bible yesterday. I'm really excited about it. It won't help me read it more often, but I do like the translation. I got a NASB this time. My NCV and NIV Bibles referenced God as "he" instead of the "He" that I have in my new Bible. Plus, it is thought of by many as the most literal English translation of the Bible available.


  1. Aunt Mary2/11/2008

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes seeing God referred to as He instead of he.

    I have always thought that using the small "h" like that was disrespectful because it makes God seem like one of us instead of the God of the Universe.

  2. God was one of us. He was in the flesh. That is what is so great about Christ. However, He is also a diety that deserves that respect. A small thing to some, but important to Mary and me... and Miranda... and I'm sure others! :)