Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Talked to Mike Huckabee Today!

I was on a "Bloggers for Huckabee" Conference call today. We were allowed one question (time permitting) and I got to actually talk to him. The moderator would introduce us and then we ask our question.

She said, "The next question comes from Bob Speakman of the bobBLOG".

That was awesome in and of itself! :) I knew the conf. call was coming this morning so I thought about my question last night.

I first told him how much I appreciated his message at the Columbus stop and that I believed in what he had to say. Quickly I found myself not being able to breathe. I was excited and nervous all at once and stumbled through my greeting to him and before I got to my question I pulled the phone away and took a big breath.

I asked him if there was anything that he needed Miranda and me to pray for. He thanked me and said "first of all, selfishly, for stamina on the trail". Then he proceeded to request a prayer for the “hearts and minds of voters” to be open to choosing him. He explained his frustration for voters who are "born-again believers" that agree with him on everything, yet they vote for someone else due to "electability" or because of the "numbers". He then thanked me again and wished our family the best and I told him "God bless you and good luck". It was so cool!

If we all join together we can win Ohio for Huckabee! Don't just vote with your heart; vote with your mind as well. If you know that Huckabee is the right candidate for President, vote for him. Don't worry about the numbers!

Lastly, yes I realize how much of a geek I am because I couldn't breathe. I can't help who I am! :)

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