Friday, February 01, 2008

Funny Baby, Prints, Digital Phone Service

1. Our funny little baby. The other night when we had really high winds Miranda and I both woke up to a loud crashing noise. By the third time the noise happened I was getting my shoes on. The screen door opened and bent back because of the strong winds. It kept hitting the house over and over again. Though it woke us up, Maleah slept through the whole thing...even with the door being right outside her room. I checked on her later to make sure she was ok and I made a tiny creak sound on her floor - for which she startled. Go figure! :)

2. We finally print some pictures. We hadn't done that since October. Her birthday pictures will be online tonight. She didn't take well to the cake and we didn't get a ton of great pictures. However, who needs pictures...with a mine. Hmmm. Sounds too much like a country song.

3. I'm getting Time Warner's phone service tomorrow. I am so excited! Don't call yet to schedule an appointment, though. We're in the final stages of testing it, but it will be available to the public this month (so I've been told). I will publish package info, pricing, specials, etc. as I find them. A couple of co-workers already have the service and they say it works great. You get unlimited local and long distance, call waiting, caller id for one low price. Woo hoo! (The preceding statement was not made by Time Warner, Time Warner Inc., Warner Brothers, or any of their affiliates. "Woo hoo!", though enthusiastic, wouldn't be our exact marketing terminology when speaking of or marketing our product.)

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