Friday, January 25, 2008

Warm House, Maleah is 1, Clinton Machine

Shaking off the funk.... Here's a 3BT.

1. A warm house to live in. My car's heat wasn't working this morning and I was "freezing to death" on the way up to work this morning. At least I don't live on the street. Those people are literally "freezing to death".

2. Maleah's a year old! I can't believe she's that old. She's saying several words, tries to repeat everything, eats mashed potatoes and macaroni&cheese, walks around a lot, stands up from a sitting position, and has the attitude sometimes of a 16 year old. She's wonderful in so many ways and Miranda and I adore her!

3. The Clinton Machine is getting attacked. It is truly a beautiful thing to see members of the Democratic Party turning on each other. Maybe now they can get back to what they used to be: respectable. Same goes for the Republicans. I think this potential tax refund for the middle class was a huge victory for bipartisan politics. Maybe we're finally going to unite as a country.

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