Friday, January 04, 2008

My Church's Website

I'm the webmaster for my church's website, ChillicotheBatptist.Org. I am in the process of adding some new, cool, handy features for those that stumble upon our site. Some of those changes include:

* Personal testimonies from members
* Daily Devotionals
* Search the Bible
* Christian articles
* Christian news
* Christian music/podcasts
* CBC Blog
* Weather cancellations
* Online Donations

The last two are actually already in effect. So, my reason for this post is this: What else should I add. I want to make the website "sticky" (make people want to stay longer or come back) for both members or visitors. Any suggestions? Here's the link: Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1/17/2008

    Consider replacing those stock photography images in the header section of the homepage with real people from the church...possibly in a landscape type slow changing flash player 9 slideshow arrangement as is so popular thesedays. Plus some video clip of either a live service or the pastor greeting the person whose visiting the site.