Monday, January 28, 2008

Maleah's Birthday, Little Moment, Family Life Today

1. Maleah's birthday. Thank-you to everyone for the gifts you got for Maleah. She doesn't know who gave what, but she appreciates them all. She loves her Dora couch from Kim and Dora backpack that we got for her. She plays so big that I can't believe she's still a baby! Thank you for the birthday phone call, Mary. You were the first to give her that type of call. You all made Maleah's birthday special - even in the midst of the loss of grandma. We had a cake made last week by a woman from church and she did a wonderful job. Miranda made this week's cake and it was wonderful too.

2. Another special little moment. Last night I was getting Maleah's bath water ready. Miranda was getting Maleah ready for the bath and I heard her singing along with Cheryl Crow's "All I Want to Do (is have some fun)". Maleah was talking too trying to mimic her mommy. Then after we got done giving Maleah her bath she just sat in the tub and played. It was a wonderful. Don't take anything for granted.

3. Family Life Today Podcast. Dennis Rainey's radio show focus on marriage, children, dating, etc. This podcast is great for married people whether you currently have children or not.

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  1. I didn't know you were listening to us! You never said a word!

    She's a sweetie. We'll have to put more pictures up soon. :)

    Hey, and tonight we get Bob Evans! Yay! :)