Monday, December 10, 2007

Yay/Nay for 12/1-12/2

Yay: We had a daddy/daughter Saturday morning. Miranda went shopping with her friend Jaclyn (Maleah called her 'Jat' trying to call her Jack) and we stayed home and played. She had her bottle late and took an almost 2 hour long nap while daddy....

Yay: ....installed Windows XP. G'bye Vista. I couldn't stand that piece of junk. Made everything run slower and it crashed all of the time. Everything is running so much quicker now.

The Singing Christmas Tree was a huge hit! :) We performed our last time last night and it was great. Packed house. We had higher attendance this year than we've had in the last three years we've done it. The problem is....

Nay: ....its over. Miranda and I had so much fun and it is sad to not be doing it tonight. We're glad we get to spend more time with Maleah, but we will miss it!

Nay: Sloshin' in a Winter Swamp Land! Not as catchy as the original. The snow melted and it rained in near Noah-like proportions and our front yard was a mess. I actually saw a duck in a boat paddling by...why he needed a boat is beyond me.


  1. Anonymous12/11/2007

    What is snow? Haven't seen it in 4 years.

    What is rain? We're 28" below normal in preciption for the year. I just hope we have water to drink next year.

    Aunt Mary

  2. Snow... it is like a relative or friend you haven't seen in a long time... You're excited when you first see it, but if it sticks around too long it gets annoying.

    Sorry about the rain issue there. We'd gladly give you some of ours. We always have a steady supply of it. There I go again complaining about something and again... perspective bites me on the nose. It could be worse.... it could always be worse.